The hidden factor that could ignite the Chicago Bears offense

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The one position that is concerning for the Chicago Bears is the offensive line

Unless you are quite the Andy Dalton hater, the rest of us believe the weakest link on the Bears’ offense is their offensive line. As referred to at the beginning of this piece, play-calling unpredictability can help mask their early-season deficiencies.

Doing a very good job of camouflaging run or pass would be a big big help to the Bears’ offensive line, especially, early in the season. Consistently, fielding formations that can confuse a defense could buy time early in the season so that the offensive line can eventually build cohesion among themselves.

Week 6 against the Packers at home is when the Bears are really going to need their offense to gel as a unit. After that game, their next five games will be against playoff teams. It certainly helps that their brand new left tackle, Jason Peters, is a talented veteran. It does not help that he is 39 years old and out of shape to one degree or another.

An added problem is that their backup left tackle, rookie Larry Borom, early in the season may have to take some snaps from Peters if the Bears coaches expect Peters conditioning to greatly, hinder their offense.