5 most likely weeks Chicago Bears start Justin Fields

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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2. Week 4

Let’s assume that Dalton survives week one, maybe the Bears do lose but it is close and Dalton keeps them in it. If you recall the Bears played the NFC champion Falcons tough the first week of the Mike Glennon era.

So, similarly to Mike Glennon, who played Tampa Bay in week two, Andy Dalton will get his old team. For Glennon, it went poorly. Fortunately for Dalton, the Bengals may have an improved offense, but their defense still has holes. Even if the Bears lose you could see Dalton having a fine stat line in week two. That gets him to week three against Cleveland.

Jadeveon Clowney is overrated but when you add Myles Garrett across from him, the Bears will be In trouble. Dalton and the offensive line will surely struggle against Cleveland, and once again it presents an easy chance to make the move.

The Bears host the Lions the following. A home game, a rebuilding team that the Bears have owned, and a great chance to start Fields is week four against the Lions after Dalton struggles against Cleveland.