5 most likely weeks Chicago Bears start Justin Fields

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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4. Week 8

As noted, maybe the Bears do go 3-2 and then face Green Bay and Tampa Bay. It is fair that Fields gives them the chance to split, or win both and get to 5-2, if not 4-3. With Dalton, it feels as though the Bears are staring down 3-4 at best through seven weeks.

At the same time, as noted, if Dalton is 3-2, and the Packers come to town, that is tough to throw Fields in. It is the gutsy move that is needed to beat contenders like Green Bay, but it may not be what Chicago does. If Dalton loses to Green Bay, it would be even harder to justify throwing Fields at the defending champs on the road for his first career start. Tampa would be another game where Dalton could get pulled early, or at the very least could make or break his career in Chicago.

San Francisco comes to town, and if the Bears are 3-4, and Dalton just lost two games with poor performances, it is time to start Justin Fields. Heck, it could be Trey Lance vs. Fields in week eight.