Chicago Bears: 3 things we want to see from Matt Nagy’s offense

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The Chicago Bears need to establish the run

Every year we hear the same thing from Matt Nagy. We hear it multiple times prior to the season, during the season, and even after the season. Nagy always says something along the lines of:

We need to get David Montgomery the ball more

Well, I hate to break it to you Matt, but you’re the one who’s in charge of that! When the Bears had that stint last season when they scored 30 points in four straight games, Montgomery had his best games of the season.

Montgomery needs to be treated like a workhorse back getting at the very least 15 touches a game. He is a force with the ball and can do it all catching passes out of the backfield, running between the tackles, and even running routes from the slot.

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Now, it remains to be seen how they will go about establishing the run, but putting together the run game with play-action would make this Bears’ offense very hard to stop. 12 personnel out of this would be perfect to give the Bears more protection as well.