Chicago Bears: Could Trevis Gipson outsnap Robert Quinn vs Rams?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

The most disappointing note from Robert Quinn in 2020 is less about his production with the Chicago Bears and more that they had him in a straight-up platoon that only had him out there as a pass rusher. Even rested up and playing less against the run Quinn had a career-low two sacks.

Quinn played in just 51% of the teams defensive snaps, and while that does include one game missed, he played in over 60% of the team’s snaps in just four healthy games.

The Chicago Bears have talked about Quinn taking a step forward this season, and that COVID, changing teams, and injury all impacted his poor 2020. This is a fair excuse, but the reality is that while the Bears expect him to be more productive, it appears they still view him as a rotational player. They just assume that in the rotation he will be able to capitilize in ways that he did not last season.

This became clear when the team signed Jeremiah Attaochou. Attaochou excels when dropping into coverage and defending the run. He is the perfect compliment to Quinn, who struggles in those two areas. Once Attaochu was signed it became clear that the Bears were looking for a platoon partner.

However, this preseason another option may have emerged. Trevis Gipson was lights out this preseason, and was everything the Bears thought that they would be getting in him.

He showed a huge step forward, and likely deserves playing time. He is not going to get much on the side of Khalil Mack, so there is a thought that perhaps it is Gipson stepping into rotate with Quinn.

Trevis Gipson excelled in the run, but is a better pass rusher, and does not drop into coverage. With that in mind Attoachu will likely have his role of sorts.

However, while Gipson may not be straight platooning with Quinn, he may be limiting his snaps even more. Gipson is entering year two, while Quinn is now over the age of 30. We hope Quinn can return to form, but injuries and age are catching up to him.

Yes, the Bears are paying Quinn big money, but Gipson saw the investment of multiple draft picks to trade up for him. There is more on the line with the development of Gipson.

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So, the Chicago Bears would like Quinn to play more than 51% of the defensive snaps, but the reality is that this may be his peak, and it may come in lower if Gipson can continue to perform. Expect the Bears to hope for Quinn to take a step forward, but have a plan ready to outsnap Quinn with Trevis Gipson.