5 Bears who had no business making the 2021 final roster

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Chicago Bears, J.P. Holtz
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J.P Holtz should not be on the Chicago Bears roster

J.P. Holtz is possibly the most confusing 2021 final roster addition. Brought in purely as a fullback, the tight end was used entirely as a blocking/special teams player. In his first season with the Bears, he started seven games but only managed seven receptions for a total of ninety-one yards and no touchdowns.

Holtz played a few snaps on special teams, but again, his play was underwhelming and for him to be labeled as a fullback on the 2021 roster seems laughable. Matt Nagy’s offense does not utilize the fullback position at all, and even if it did, Holtz would not fit the necessary requirements.

Nagy has not used Holtz as a fullback in any way, shape, or form, and it seems far more logical to label Jesper Horstead or Jesse James as a fullback. Cutting Holtz would make far more sense, and although his contract is not high, converting it back into cap space would provide some much-needed breathing room and possibly the option to sign another cornerback.