5 Bears who had no business making the 2021 final roster

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Elijah Wilkinson
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Elijah Wilkinson should not be on the Chicago Bears roster

Elijah Wilkinson was another offseason underperformer whose presence is almost entirely unnecessary. The Bears’ offensive line is weak and desperately needs help. With the arrival of 39-year-old Jason Peters, the position at left tackle was almost immediately filled, further showing that Wilkinson’s presence was unnecessary.

Cutting/demoting Wilkinson and signing a veteran free agent at left/right tackle makes far more sense than keeping him on the roster. As a backup, his presence is not necessary unless he presents a large amount of potential.

Wilkinson is cheap and young, but the money used to pay him could have been spent on a far more experienced veteran Free Agent, possibly even a starter. With the state of the offensive line, the Chicago Bears need to be far more mindful of current skill, rather than future potential. There are far better players to back up Peters, and cutting Wilkinson to create this opportunity would be a wise move.