Chicago Bears: Three Rams who must be kept quiet in Week 1

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Jalen Ramsey
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The Chicago Bears need to keep Jalen Ramsey in check on Sunday

Sticking with the defense, the Rams also happen to have the best cornerback in the league on their team. Ramsey will mostly be covering Allen Robinson, in what should be a matchup to watch. However, he will also find himself covering others like Darnell Mooney.

Now to be fair, keeping Ramsey “quiet” would mean that he’s doing his job, so the Bears obviously want the opposite of this. Ramsey is a legitimate shutdown corner and is someone the Bears will probably want to keep the ball away from his side of the field

There has been some drama between Jalen Ramsey and Darnell Mooney. It all started when someone self-edited Darnell Mooney’s Wikipedia page to say that Mooney is Ramsey’s father. It was a clever way of saying that Mooney got the best of Ramsey.

Ramsey had this to say on his Instagram:

"“Can’t wait til Week 1 so all these lame ass Bears fans can stfu about they number 2 WR”"

Although Mooney was able to shake Ramsey out of his shoes, he did not have a quarterback who could hit him on a deep ball. Until those routes turn into big plays, it’s hard to say anything, and this is partly why all Mooney did was smile and dodge any questions about Ramsey’s Instagram post. The key to shutting Ramsey up is for Mooney to prove it once again on the field. Hopefully, with Andy Dalton throwing the deep ball, Mooney will have a legit opportunity to prove things.