Chicago Bears have prepared Justin Fields packages vs. Rams

Chicago Bears - Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /

With the 2021 Chicago Bears season starting with an NFL Sunday Night matchup against the Los Angeles Rams, there will be many eyeballs on Matt Nagy — especially the decisions he makes with play calling and just an overall feel for the game.

Chicago Bears’ quarterback controversy continues with Justin Fields packages

The most obvious decision that’s caused an uproar within the Chicago Bears community would be the decision to start Andy Dalton over Justin Fields. That debate seems like it started in the 1900s by now, but today is the day we get to see Andy Dalton as QB1.

Well, that’s at least the narrative that Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace, and the Chicago Bears organization have put into the spotlight.

However, that narrative has been becoming shakier and shakier. Yes, I still expect Andy Dalton to start the game vs. the Los Angeles Rams, but I always knew that I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bears ended up putting in Justin Fields at some point.

Sure enough, that idea gained some credibility this morning, as it was reported that the Chicago Bears will have packages in place for Justin Fields if opportunities ever arise.

In case you don’t care to watch the video, here’s the important stuff:

"“This is Andy Dalton’s team. He’s the starter,” Rapoport said. “However, based on what Justin Fields did in the preseason, based on his regimen, I am also told there is a small package of plays at Fields’ disposal. If Andy Dalton does great, you may not see it. If he struggles a little bit, do not be surprised if the Bears unveil a little bit of Justin Fields tonight.” – Ian Rappaport via NFL Network"

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Now, it was even said that Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams were preparing for both Andy Dalton and Justin Fields as the game got closer and closer. So, it won’t be any surprise to the Rams if Fields ends up getting some snaps, as long as they actually prepared for him.