Chicago Bears: Wasted opportunities should lead to more Justin Fields

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The Chicago Bears started out strong with a great return from Khalil Herbert. A big run by David Montgomery put the Bears in the red zone, and things were looking great. Then, can you believe it? Justin Fields already saw the field. He threw a nine-yard completion and came out of the game.

The Bears then wasted a great opportunity as Andy Dalton threw an interception in the end zone. Kenny Young jumped and tipped the ball in the air and it was intercepted by David Long. It sounds redundant and completely obvious, but this is exactly the problem that Matt Nagy talks about on a consistent basis — the offense needs to score touchdowns or it is a bust. Well, in this case, they not only didn’t get a touchdown or a field goal but instead, Dalton threw an interception.

Wasted opportunities should cause the Chicago Bears to switch to Justin Fields

It did not take long for Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams to light the Chicago Bears defense up once he was given the ball. Stafford threw two passes during the possession and one was a 67-yard touchdown pass to Van Jefferson. It did not help that when Jefferson fell down, neither defender, one was Eddie Jackson, touched Jefferson and he got up and ran the rest of the way for the score.

This led to the Bears being down 7-0 early instead of being up 7-0. Not a good start to a game that many believed the Bears had no chance of winning. On the Chicago Bears’ second drive, the team once again moved the ball down the field. They got into Rams territory (outside of field goal range) but fell short of a first down on third down and went for it on fourth-and-four. Andy Dalton forced it to Allen Robinson and threw it behind him. Jalen Ramsey had good coverage too.

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This offense actually looks better at this point, but still not good enough. They have made some big plays but have wasted too many opportunities. How long are we going to have to wait to see Andy Dalton benched for Justin Fields? As I finish this, the Rams are about to go up 13-0 over this “great” defense. The team will need Justin Fields to save the day along with some under-the-radar guys or this will be a blowout.