Chicago Bears: 3 individuals most to blame for loss to Rams

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace deserves a lot of blame for the loss

Watching the game, one couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if Ryan Pace chose not to cut Kyle Fuller several months ago.

The worst part of the Bears’ roster last night was in their secondary. Sure, Jackson was atrocious. However, having an All-Pro cornerback out there alongside that secondary would have been highly beneficial. Instead, the Bears’ biggest concern going into the regular season reared its ugly head.

Fans were worried about their secondary, particularly the cornerback room, and justifiably so. We saw exactly why everyone was worried.

Look, if Fuller was never released, the Bears also wouldn’t have been able to sign Andy Dalton. That means we would have seen Justin Fields all game against the Rams. Who is to say that Fields wouldn’t have injected more energy, hope and passion into the rest of this team?

We saw what happened when Fields was in the game, and especially when he scored. The entire Bears roster was juiced. They were pumped up. Fields makes a difference on both sides of the ball.

Lastly, the Bears’ offensive line is in trouble. Pace knew about Teven Jenkins’ back issues pre-draft. Jenkins is out for maybe the whole season now. 39-year-old Jason Peters got hurt Sunday night. Larry Borom got hurt as well. The offensive line is on Pace, period.

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Pace’s decisions to cut Fuller, sign Dalton, draft Jenkins and not fill in the gaps in his secondary are all huge reasons why they got embarrassed Sunday night.