Chicago Bears have secondary issues

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /

We all know the Chicago Bears big problem for years. They have yet to find a quarterback, and Andy Dalton did not do much to stop the hurt for one. Beyond that, the offensive line looks to be an issue yet again. However, the Bears quite literally have secondary issues that come in the secondary.

We probably should have expected this with the departure of Kyle Fuller. Still, Eddie Jackson is making big money, they brought back Tashaun Gipson, and Jaylon Johnson had a promising rookie season. However, it did not stop this group from getting completely exposed by the Rams on Sunday Night.

It started on the first drive of the game. Scratch that, it started when Duke Shelley was called inactive and we had no idea who was starting in the slot.

Then, Van Jefferson got deep. Then, Cooper Kupp, and Kupp again, and Desean Jackson, and the next thing you knew the Bears were in a shoot-out without the offense to compete.

It is fair to say that Kindle Vildor and Marqui Christian did not live up to the expectations as starters. However, the key issues come from the three names that everyone knows.

Jaylon Johnson was up and down, but overall, the safeties were lackluster.

Gipson was caught off guard on multiple deep passes, and Jackson has shown consistently that he Is struggling with tackling. He comes in way too high, and a missed tackle late helped the Rams seal the game.

It is easy and fair to say that Christian and Vildor can and should improve. Can Eddie Jackson? Is that what he is now? The tackling has been an issue for a while now. Is he someone that they cannot trust? The same can be said of Gipson, who some thought should not be brought back as it is.

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Overall, the loss was not pretty, but there were some good things to lean on. The secondary was not one of them, and it is hard to say that they will be better as the year goes on.