Is benching Justin Fields ensuring Matt Nagy’s 2022 job status?

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Many fans have debated when Justin Fields will come in and start for the Chicago Bears. It feels as though it will happen in 2021, but it is also clear that head coach Matt Nagy and management are being a bit more cautious than fans would like.

It has led to confusion not only from fans but from the media who are now calling for Nagy to start Fields. The argument for starting Fields is that Nagy and Ryan Pace are on the hot seat. Surely they would want to start the electric young QB to help them keep their jobs, right?

On the contrary, it may be that the longer they keep Fields hidden, the safer they remain. When the Bears drafted Justin Fields, Nagy and Pace preached similarities to Patrick Mahomes, who Nagy coached.

From day one, George McCaskey let Pace and Nagy draft Fields with the thought that he may not start year one like Mahomes didn’t. With that in mind, McCaskey likely let Nagy and Pace trade assets and draft Fields with the idea that both of these two will be around for the two-year development of Fields.

So, what is the easiest way to ensure that Nagy is around for 2022? It would be to promise that Fields will be making his debut and that things are right on track even despite an awful 2021 season.

This thought was revamped a bit when Adam Schefter reiterated that 0-1 does not scare the Bears off, and 0-2 will not either. They are more worried about waiting to bring Fields in until he is ready.

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When will he be ready? That is up to Nagy, who once again benefits if Fields does not start this year.

The reality is that at some point the Bears will be backed into a corner and forced to start Fields. It may come if they start 0-3. Still, it is not as baffling as you think that they would bench Fields when you consider the decision-makers are buying themselves time every week he does not start.