Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 1

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Chicago Bears Disappointing Player No. 2: Chicago Bears Defense

Now, let me start out by not saying that the defense should have locked up the Los Angeles Rams. In my opinion, they’re up there with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Super Bowl contenders in the NFC, however, the final score gives those that just look at the stats an unrealistic opinion on how this game panned out.

To start, the Rams’ first touchdown was one that had all of Chicago up-in-arms.

These two Chicago Bears defenders — Eddie Jackson and Tashaun Gipson Jr.— had Van Jefferson, a rookie nonetheless, outsmart them for the first touchdown of the game. Now, you might be looking at this picture above and be like, “How did this result in a touchdown? He was on the ground at about the 15-yard line, and two defenders are right there. All they have to do is touch him.”

You’d be absolutely correct. However, touch him they did not. Allow him to get up and score they did.

Another seven points came from blown secondary coverage, which could be a major problem after letting Kyle Fuller go in the off-season.

Once again, Twitter does what it does best, and that’s having some really bad screenshots of the Chicago Bears on a weekly basis during the season. At least once a week, it seems like Twitter gets its hands on a screenshot like this one, and each time it hurts just as bad. It’d just be ideal if the defense didn’t do this.

There were some good things coming from the defense this week, but the majority of head-scratching plays happened while the Chicago Bears’ defense was on the field. Again, this is a very impressive Rams team, and I’m not discrediting that, but with a defense that is only a few seasons out of being one of the most disruptive defenses in the league, this is disappointing.

I would say, however, Akiem Hicks was one of the few bright stars of that defense, and even his light was only so bright.

With a team that’s built itself on having a great defense pairing sub-par offense, let’s just hope that the offense can pick up the slack if this is how Sean Desai’s defense continues to perform.

With two disappointing Chicago Bears on the disappointment train, only one remains. Who is it??