Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 1

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Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson
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Chicago Bears Disappointing Player No. 3: Eddie Jackson

Now, I know I already laid into the defense in the prior slide, but I think Eddie Jackson deserves his own slide. In total, I really like Eddie Jackson, and I still think he was an absolute Ryan Pace gem in that 2017 NFL Draft. However, it is more difficult after Jackson’s “everybody can tackle,” rant.

However, as Twitter does, they made sure to let Eddie Jackson know that they didn’t forget his commentary on the importance of tackling.

It’s fair to say that Eddie Jackson got caught at a bad time with the tackling comments, but in all fairness, you can’t say something like that and then go out and perform to the level he did this week against the Rams. It’s inexcusable, and from a player of his magnitude, it’s just flat-out disappointing. There’s no other way to describe it.

I think Jackson is the type of player to learn from this lesson though, and I’m very hopeful that he is because this was one of the worst games I’ve seen him and the defense play in recent memory.

Thankfully, it’s just Week 1 and there’s a long season ahead, but it would be even more disappointing if this kind of play stretched out to 16 more weeks.

Similarly to what former Chicago Bear Alex Brown said, “you need to fix it.” For what he’s done and what he’s paid, his play this week is inexcusable and absolutely disappointing.