Chicago Bears Fantasy Football: Week 1 Review

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Chicago Bears WRs: Fantasy Football Stats

Allen Robinson: 9.5 fantasy points / WR62 for the week

With the struggle of the Bears offense, Robinson “busted” (underperformed in fantasy vs. expectations) in fantasy this week. Robinson did secure six passes, but the yardage was terrible at only 35 total yards. This had to do with the play-calling and also Andy Dalton’s depth of throws.

Robinson also had one of the league’s best shutdown cornerbacks all over him in Jalen Ramsey. While this week looked bad for Robinson, we have still historically witnessed Robinson be a major asset for fantasy despite poor QB situations, which I outlined here.

Expect Allen Robinson to rebound vs. the Bengals in week two, and to still be a top 10 to 14 fantasy WR this year. The yardage has to go up drastically though, and the QB needs to be looking his way often in the red zone if the Bears spend more time there. His 11 targets are encouraging as well.

Darnell Mooney: 7.6 fantasy points / WR71 for the week

Five catches on seven targets, Darnell Mooney’s yardage was even worse than Allen Robinson’s with 26 total receiving yards. Coming off of a season where Andy Dalton’s aDOT (average depth of target) was low as the starter for injured Dak Prescott in 2020 with the Cowboys, the same continues here with the Bears.

Hopefully, this was due to a tough matchup and not a weekly instance. Otherwise, the quality of being a vertical threat that Mooney brings forward is a waste. I actually am concerned for Darnell Mooney’s fantasy ceiling with Andy Dalton under center, and think he is best suited for Justin Fields who we know can hit the deep ball accurately.

Moving forward, if you have a better FLEX position play in fantasy or WR, I may go with that unless we see Mooney being utilized properly. If the matchup makes sense, like the Bengals in week two, depending on the players you roster for fantasy he may be worth another shot.

Marquise Goodwin: 8.3 fantasy points / WR68 // Damiere Byrd: 4.9 fantasy points / WR84.

Seven total targets for the combination of Goodwin and Byrd — I am not interested in either one of these WRs for fantasy football unless there was an injury to Robinson or Mooney. They are going to be somewhere between the fourth and 6th targets on the Bears offense.