4 recently former players the Chicago Bears wish they had back

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Sam Mustipher
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We are two days removed from the Chicago Bears’ horrific loss to the Los Angele Rams. Although the score was only 13-7 at halftime, it did not take long for the game to get away from the Chicago Bears. The Rams dominated and won 34-14.

There were a few bright spots, but nothing to be too excited about. David Montgomery was fantastic and credit must also be given to the interior of the offensive line. Many were concerned about Sam Mustipher starting versus this tough Rams defensive line. The good news is that Mustipher looked above average throughout most of the game. He was not perfect by any means but played well enough to not be overly concerned.

Instead, the big concern is the fact the team already lost Jason Peters and likely Larry Borom to injury. Peters went out with a quad injury and the fear with Borom is that he sustained a high ankle sprain. Matt Nagy did not give any injury updates yesterday, but an official injury report will be released on Wednesday. It appears the team will be needing the help of Elijah Wilkinson. Wilkinson was awful in the preseason and looked below average Sunday night too.

We saw all of the holes we were worried about on the Chicago Bears last week

With a poor offensive line and Matt Nagy’s play-calling that kept every pass attempt but one go for less than 10 yards, this offense does not seem to have any hope. I take that back, the hope is Justin Fields, but if Nagy doesn’t make the playbook more aggressive then it won’t matter who is under center.

Nagy and his supporters have always said that all he needed was a quarterback to make his offense work. Well, Mitch Trubisky, Chase Daniel, Nick Foles, and now Andy Dalton seem to all look the same. Maybe it isn’t the quarterback, but more the playbook and the one calling those plays?

As inefficient as the offense was, the defense looked even worse. Akiem Hicks came away with the only sack and there was hardly any pressure on Matthew Stafford. Khalil Mack looked pedestrian again and Robert Quinn was nowhere to be found. Maybe Trevis Gipson, who only saw seven snaps, needs to be given more opportunities. He looked great in preseason and training camp.

The defensive backs were even worse. The only cornerback who looked better than average was Jaylon Johnson. Kindle Vildor was actually better than I thought he would be, but I would not give him a pass either. The safeties looked lost and Marqui Christian cannot start for this team any longer. This led me to think about some recent, former Chicago Bears who I bet Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy wish they had back.