Chicago Bears: 5 changes the coaches must consider to beat Bengals

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Here we are, one day away from a Week 2 matchup that already feels like a must-win for the Chicago Bears. There seems to be a rift going on inside Halas Hall. If not, it at least appears that there is some negativity and animosity brewing between some of the players and head coach Matt Nagy.

We have heard Marquise Goodwin talk poorly about play-calling and he’s only been with this team a few months. We have heard Bill Lazor talk about Justin Fields in a manner that clearly goes against Matt Nagy’s decision to play Andy Dalton over the rookie. Now, we have even heard Eddie Goldman make a snide comment about how his arrow is definitely not pointing up (in regards to his injury), despite Matt Nagy saying it was pointing up just two days later.

Goldman did not play in Week 1 due to a knee and ankle injury. He was a limited participant in practice this past Wednesday (the day prior to when Nagy made his arrow-up comment), then, Goldman was a non-participant both Thursday and Friday. He is doubtful for tomorrow’s game.

Maybe I am reading too much into things, but this is not the first time that I have heard rumors about that locker room not being what it once was. It appears “Club Dub” is no longer open. Now, winning seems to cure everything, but is it possible that after a 12-4 record in 2018, along with a Head Coach of the Year award, Nagy has put himself (be yourself…wink, wink) over the team?

I have always defended Matt Nagy the head coach. On the outside looking in, it appears that the Chicago Bears have some good team chemistry. Nagy appears to be a true players coach who brought the best out of most of his players. His play-calling has always been suspect, but maybe I was giving him too much credit for the team chemistry part. I have to wonder if Anthony Miller was considered a locker room cancer because he did not give into Nagy’s nonsense.

Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears cannot just sit on their hands though. Change needs to happen. Here are five changes the Bears should consider making if they want any shot of beating the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

The Chicago Bears Must Make This First Change: Give Bill Lazor the play-calling

I think the first change is obvious. Last year we saw what the team could do with Matt Nagy as the head coach and Bill Lazor as a true offensive coordinator who calls the plays. Many wanted to chalk it up to the Chicago Bears schedule against weaker opponents, but is it possible that Lazor just knows how to use his player’s strengths better than Matt Nagy who wants his players to fit into his own categories? I think the answer could be yes.

We saw the Chicago Bears’ offense move the ball, within the 20s. This had to do with the fact that the offense was not aggressive with their passing game. The Rams did not care about giving up a few five to eight-yard passes. As Matt Nagy galls it, the Bears struggled to get to Tuddyville often enough to win last week’s game.

This change won’t happen this early, but I have a feeling we see it by the midway point this year.