Chicago Bears: 5 changes the coaches must consider to beat Bengals

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The Chicago Bears Must Make This Third Change: Run deeper routes

Have you realized just how obvious these changes are? Yeah, I think that’s the biggest problem I have here. It seems like the team could be doing so much better if Matt Nagy and company (mostly Matt Nagy), would make these changes that even the most casual Bears fan sees.

Throwing the ball short every play is not going to work long-term — even if a team’s running game is working, which the Bears was versus the Rams last week. By throwing the ball downfield, even if not successfully, keeps the defense honest. The corners and safeties cannot cheat up all the time. Just look at what the Rams did to the Bears.

Throwing it deep typically opens up mid-level throws across the middle. Throwing it deep can help strengthen and open up the running game. Trowing it deep even allows those shorter routes to go for more yardage because the receiver can generate better yards after the catch due to better separation. Andy Dalton actually has a somewhat decent deep ball. The offensive line may need help and that’s why Nagy wanted the ball out quickly, but we need more of these Darnell Mooney routes.

These were not completions with Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles throwing it, but give Andy Dalton a chance to prove himself. How often did we see him connect deep to A.J. Green over the years? Nagy said we need to see Dalton in the regular season, but if he’s limited by not opening up the playbook, then it does no one any good.