Chicago Bears continue to be hypocritical with Justin Fields decisions

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The Chicago Bears are expected to give Justin Fields more snaps in today’s home opener versus the Cincinnati Bengals. Last week, Fields saw five snaps. He handed it off three times, threw a nine-yard pass for a completion and ran in a touchdown. He made the offense look very efficient on those few plays.

Ian Rapoport reported this morning on the NFL Network that Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears are expected to give Justin Fields more snaps today after he continued to show his growth during practice. Rapoport was told that behind the scenes, Fields continues to have those “WOW” moments in practice every day.

Rapoport also reported that the Bears are “head over heels” for their rookie quarterback and excited to see him coming along faster than they expected. This is great news, but why are the coaches so hesitant to make a change then?

The Chicago Bears continue to be hypocritical with their Justin Fields decisions

When we look at the picture as a whole, is it that the Bears made a “promise” to Andy Dalton that he’d be given an ample amount of playing time to start the season to prove himself no matter if they drafted a quarterback in the first round or not? Is it that Matt Nagy cannot get out of his own way and thinks he is following the Patrick Mahomes model (newsflash, it’s very different)?

Could it be that although Justin Fields is having wow moments in practice, he is still having inconsistencies that Nagy is not comfortable with seeing on game day? I highly doubt this one. Honestly, it has to be one of the first two, or maybe even a combination of the two.

I am glad to hear that Justin Fields is going to see an increase in snaps today. He brings a multi-dimensional skill set to this team that Andy Dalton just does not have. Fields has an impressive arm and has proven over and over he can throw with precise accuracy too. It makes no sense that the Chicago Bears are that excited about his growth and moments in practice, yet they keep starting Dalton. Hypocrisy much?

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Last week, Fields finished with a better overall performance in five plays than Andy Dalton. Is it possible we see something similar again today? If we do, it’s likely the Bears will have lost then. Personally, I’m hoping both Dalton and Justin Fields have a great game. Would really like to see the Bears walk away with a win today. Going down 0-2 to start the season will likely lead to them missing the playoffs.