Chicago Bears: 5 areas for Justin Fields to improve on

Chicago Bears Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Justin Fields era appears to be upon us as the Chicago Bears enter week three. Andy Dalton is still banged up, and it will be hard for him to get back in time for the team’s next game. This may be an injury that gives Fields the shot that he never looks back from.

Still, while fans are excited for the rookie, they have to remember that he is a rookie, and it is going to take growing pains before he is everything fans want him to be. We saw a glimpse of that despite the Chicago Bears’ win on Sunday.

What are five areas that Justin Fields will have to improve from next week?

5. Relying on scrambling

We know that Justin Fields is a dynamic athlete. His ability to run is what makes him so unique. However, his running should be an add-on and not the basis of his game. On Sunday, he seemed anxious to get out of the pocket and run.

The Bears were not designing runs for Fields, but he finished with ten scrambles to 13 pass attempts. 5-6 scrambles to 17 pass attempts are likely the ratio that Chicago would rather see.

The former shows a player who is not committing to passing but is waiting to break away and run. The last thing the Bears want is a quarterback who forms a habit of taking his eyes away from his pass-catchers and towards his running lane. That is the last resort, not the first avenue.

It makes sense he would want to rely on his legs early, but patience in the pocket will have to come.