Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 2

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Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson
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Disappointing Chicago Bear No. 1: Allen Robinson

While it pains me to put Allen Robinson in this category, it has to be done.

His drop for Justin Fields’ first regular-season passing touchdown was a big drop looking back on it. Had Robinson come down with that ball, the game most likely wouldn’t have been as close as it had; and for those that decide how good someone is by stats, it would have helped them believe Fields is that guy.

Even though it wasn’t the end of the world that Allen Robinson dropped the incredible throw by Fields, it was still pretty disappointing. However, Twitter did a good job at justifying the Chicago Bears’ vet dropping such a crucial ball.

While it’s funny to poke fun, there could be some truth behind these. Unlikely, but there could be. Allen Robinson has played with … some iffy quarterbacks in his career, so being used to passes hitting him in the hands isn’t necessarily a common thing for Robinson.

Hopefully, now that Fields seems to be the guy moving forward– barring a non-serious injury for Dalton– Allen Robinson should be able to get more looks like that with more positive results.

So, with a big improvement from the defense after last week, who could possibly be the next most disappointing Chicago Bear from Week 2?