Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 2

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Disappointing “Chicago Bear” No. 3: Chicago Bears fans rooting for injury

Now, let me start out by saying that not all Chicago Bears fans are included in here, however, for those that were rooting for Andy Dalton’s injury, it’s safe to say that you were the biggest disappointing “Chicago Bear” of the week.

And while some will claim it’s just satire, it’s really disappointing to see people root for another person to be injured just because they’re excited for what’s behind.

Yes, Justin Fields is electric and unarguably a better choice than Andy Dalton, but that should never warrant rooting for someone to be injured.

Call it soft, call it whatever, but it won’t ever be disappointing to root for someone to get injured in a game. It’s an important game to a lot of people, but think about how important it is to the player getting hurt.

They’re human before they’re an athlete, and for Andy Dalton’s injury to have been something people were actively rooting for is more disappointing than anything done on the field today.

Root for the Chicago Bears success, but don’t root for something bad to happen to someone in the process. That’s just not how to handle it, and as I’ve said more than once, it’s incredibly disappointing to see.

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Final Thoughts on Week 2: Cincinnati Bengals @ Chicago Bears

After Week 1, this performance was leagues better. There were still some holes to fill, obviously, however, the defense alone looked like a brand-new team.

Alec Ogletree hit it on the head when he brought up the energy that’s needed to win. The energy that the Chicago Bears played with both in Week 1 and Week 2 were polar opposites, and because of that, there’s a reason Week 1 was a loss and Week 2 was a win– even if it was a little too close for comfort.

Next week, the Chicago Bears have a lot on their plate, as they’re heading to FirstEnergy Stadium
to take on the Cleveland Browns. While the Browns have been a team to laugh at for many, many years, the tide has turned in Cleveland, as their run-heavy offense and the tough defensive front has become a team to circle on the calendar.

If Andy Dalton’s injury is serious, the Chicago Bears need to allow Justin Fields to build the necessary chemistry with his new offense, as the Browns will be a tougher opponent to capitalize on than the Bengals– even though the Bengals are on the rise considering their last few years.

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Let’s just hope that the Chicago Bears have fewer disappointing members next week, as it’s never fun to focus on the negative.