Andy Dalton deserves more respect from Chicago Bears fans

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /

Chicago Bears fans have been disrespectful to Andy Dalton. Some of it is fair, considering the fanbase is QB starved and Andy Dalton is arguably standing in their way between a franchise QB. Still, Andy Dalton is not the villain here. When he signed with Chicago he did not know Justin Fields would be here, and frankly, he does not decide who starts and does not.

All Andy Dalton has done since he showed up to Chicago has been a professional, and for that, Chicago Bears fans should be ecstatic that he will be here, with Justin Fields for the rest of the season.

First, Dalton acting as if he is the starter, and going through media, and the everyday routine of the starter is not a bad thing. Justin Fields was able to watch a ten year veteran, a QB who was in an MVP race once, and made the playoffs consistently. He saw how Dalton handled the job, and prepared every day.

If Dalton just showed up knowing he was the backup Fields does not see first hand the professionalism.

Beyond that is how Dalton has handled the entire Justin Fields situation. Dalton has been all class the entire time. He has worked with Fields in practice, and when Fields got his first rep in the preseason, it was Andy Dalton who walked up to give him a high-five, hug, and words of encouragement.

Lastly we see the video below brought to you by the NFL. Dalton is injured, he may have just lost his starting job, and he may never get a chance to be the teams week one starter again. Still, look how elated Andy Dalton is.

Dalton is happy for the team. He is happy for Justin Fields. He is not worried about himself. This is truly what we want to see from every NFL Player. This is a payer who buys into the whole and does not worry about the parts.

No, Andy Dalton is not an elite talent and will not be in the Hall of Fame. However, this is a QB who had a long, and solid career with plenty of ups and downs. The reality is that he has been a pro the entire time.

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Fans hated Andy Dalton because he was in the way of Justin Fields, but now that it is Fields moment, it is time to respect Dalton. Be glad that the backup is so smart, experienced, and bought into the development of Justin Fields. All he has done since he has got here is worked hard and did his job. It is time for Chicago Bears fans to give Andy Dalton his praise.