Chicago Bears: 4 hot takes on Justin Fields, Jaylon Johnson, and more

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Hot take: Roquan Smith is the most valuable player on the Bears defense

Star linebacker Roquan Smith shined in the Bears’ week two win against the Bengals leading people to wonder if he is the most important player to the Chicago defense.

Is Roquan Smith the most valuable player on the Bears’ defense?

Roquan Smith has continued to develop into one of the best linebackers in the league and also one of, if not the, biggest playmaker on the Bears’ defense. Despite missing out on the Pro Bowl last year and this year’s NFL top 100, Smith is gaining the reputation as one of the best young defensive players in football. At only 24 years old, Smith has already solidified himself as a difference-maker in this league and is only getting better.

Roquan Smith’s versatility adds to his value 

The main argument to use for Smith being the most valuable defensive player is his versatility. A player like Khalil Mack is great at what he does but primarily makes an impact doing one thing. Smith’s athleticism allows him to be a Swiss Army knife type of player on defense.

He routinely makes plays rushing the passer, in run defense, and in coverage. Smith has the size to go up against bigger players and has the speed and agility to take on shifter players. There are very few players in the league who can be as successful in this role as Smith.

Bottom line:

Smith is extremely valuable to the Chicago Bears, and that will likely make him one of the highest-paid linebackers ever next offseason. The only player on the Bears defense who you could argue is more valuable than him is Mack, and even that is highly debatable.