Chicago Bears: What Justin Fields brings to the Bears and the NFL

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Justin Fields has instincts and improvisation ability the Chicago Bears need

An area where athleticism can help is with a player’s ability to improvise. One thing that makes guys like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers so great is their ability to make plays outside of structure. When a play breaks down, and the pocket starts to collapse, these players are able to extend the plays with their feet and turn a broken play into a massive gain.

Fields has a great feel for the game

Fields showed his ability to create outside of structure at Ohio State. As mentioned earlier, Fields doesn’t always use his athleticism to rush. He instead uses his rushing ability to buy him time to find an open player. Using your rushing ability to run is a fairly easy task for athletic quarterbacks, but being able to use your rushing ability to pass isn’t something everyone can’t do.

Fields might be too comfortable improvising 

One of the biggest knocks on Fields’ games on draft day was that he holds onto the ball for too long. There are times where Fields is so comfortable making plays off schedule that he doesn’t have the urgency to get rid of the ball quickly. This led to some unnecessary sacks and incompletions in college. Although Fields is still fine-tuning this skill, being comfortable making plays from scratch should still be considered a major positive.