Could Cleveland Browns expose this Chicago Bears player?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have a questionable left tackle. We all know it. Jason Peters was hoping for another chance in the NFL about a month ago but was right on the edge of retirement. Multiple injuries and questionable situations on the Chicago Bears offensive line caused them to call the 39-year old up and reunite him with his old coach Juan Castillo.

On the one hand, the experience, the familiarity, and physical attributes could have been a savior for Chicago. On the other, he was struggling and injured the last time he was suiting up, and his best days were behind him.

Peters has certainly been up and down through two weeks as well. He struggled against the Rams and left the game early with an injury. However, he surprised many when he bounced back from the injury and put in a full workload on Sunday against Cincinnati.

Peters was not elite by any stretch but was much better and maybe showed that he was shaking the rust off. We will know for sure on Sunday as he takes on his best challenge yet, and one of the best in the NFL in Myles Garrett.

Garrett has not put up the insane sack numbers yet, although he did record one against Patrick Mahomes. Still, Garrett is Garrett, and he has been causing pressure nonetheless. He has a 30.4% win rate this season, which ranks 11th in the NFL.

That is higher than anyone on the Chicago Bears. He has four hurries and one hit.

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The reality is that Garrett has not seen the production, but he is dominating like he always does. Jason Peters is older and struggling, and the two will indeed line up against each other for the majority of this game.

If Peters holds his own this week, fans should feel as though they have a reliable veteran. If Myles Garrett dominates, it should be no surprise, though.