Chicago Bears: 3 reasons to start Justin Fields at super flex in Week 3

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports /
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Reason No. 1: Justin Fields’ skillset gives Chicago Bears’ offense a new wrinkle

It’s no real surprise to those that watch the Chicago Bears— or football in general— that Justin Fields is a dual-threat for opposing defenses.

Whether gaining yards through the air with his arm, or his ability to extend drives with his legs, Justin Fields gives the Chicago Bears a dimension they haven’t had for at least my entire 23-year-long life.

Now, some could argue Mitch was a dual-threat, and technically, that could be true, but Justin Fields has shown that his arm is more of a threat than he was while he was with the Bears. Obviously, nothing is set-in-stone, but Justin Fields has surely flashed signs of “wow,” and I think that’s something very new to this team.

As for what kind of value that brings to fantasy, that’s easy. In most leagues, players get one point per 10 yards rushed; or if you’re a quarterback, you get one point per 25 yards thrown. It doesn’t take that much of a mathematician to see that 1:10 is better than 1:25.

Now, usually, QBs get far fewer rushing yards than passing (outside of maybe Lamar Jackson), but it’s a good way for dual-threat quarterbacks to accumulate points easier.

So, if you have a shaky quarterback situation and have Justin Fields, that’s just one reason why Fields is worthy of a super-flex start.

With that reason out of the way, here’s the next one.