Chicago Bears: Justin Fields’ case getting boost from rookie QBs

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Justin Fields is officially getting his shot to be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears. It might have taken less-than-ideal circumstances for it to happen, but it feels like it’s long overdue.

That’s a bit odd to think, considering it is only Week 3. But, when you’re a team that trades the kind of draft capital the Bears did for a guy like Fields, one would think he’d be “the” guy a whole lot sooner.

In fact, many believed Fields should have been the starter to open the season. He should have gotten an opportunity to prove himself during training camp, at least. But, head coach Matt Nagy did not allow his rookie much time with the first team throughout the offseason. It was pretty telling what Nagy thought about the situation, and he wasn’t budging.

If other rookie quarterbacks were any indication, though, Nagy was making the wrong decision all along. Finally, we get to see exactly why Nagy made the wrong decision.

Fellow rookie quarterbacks have made Justin Fields’ case much stronger for the Chicago Bears.

Fields’ fellow rookies like Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, and his longtime peer Trevor Lawrence have started from the get-go. Their respective teams made the call to throw each one of them into the fire, which was already a strong enough case for Fields to join them.

Through two weeks, these other rookie quarterbacks have done some good — and some bad. But, both the good and the bad present reasons why Fields should also be starting. Having faith in “your guy” and giving him the boost of confidence he deserves… there’s something to be said about that.

Because of how his fellow rookies have performed, it’s even more sensible for Fields to be getting his shot — and for him to keep the job.

Let’s check in on how the other three rookie starters are doing and why their successes and failures prove the Bears should roll with Fields going forward.