Chicago Bears: Justin Fields’ case getting boost from rookie QBs

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Based on Zach Wilson’s play, the Chicago Bears should start Justin Fields

The easy argument for New York Jets rookie Zach Wilson versus Fields is the fact that the former BYU product is coming off of a four-interception performance against the New England Patriots. Wilson was so bad that the media actually asked him if he thought he was seeing ghosts out there — a reference to the Sam Darnold quote while playing against these very same Patriots.

So, it’s a pretty lopsided argument to say that Fields can’t be worse than Wilson. In fact, it’s the truth to say as such, because Fields definitely looked more dynamic against the Bengals on Sunday.

The argument to play Fields, here, comes from draft stock. The Jets took Wilson number two overall, which is tremendous draft capital to invest. Because they invested such stock, there is no reason why they shouldn’t start Wilson — and they’ve done so. They will continue to do so, through ups and downs. That’s what you do when you have such a highly-touted prospect.

For better or for worse, the Jets are rolling with Wilson. They’re giving him every opportunity to succeed and will continue to work through speed bumps like his Week 2 performance against New England.

If the Jets can do that with Wilson, then the Bears should be able to do so with Fields. Right now, Dalton is hurt. If Fields takes advantage, there’s no reason why the Bears should throw him back to the bench when Dalton comes back. The Bears invested a bunch of draft capital in moving up for him — why not stand by that investment?