Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy continues to fail, already time to blow this team up

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /
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Ryan Pace is not on my hit list, but I am okay with having him walk

Personally, I am fine with Ryan Pace. Yep, here come the comments. The thing is, the only real issue I have with Pace over the years is his lack of dedication to the left and right offensive tackle positions. Counting on Charles Leno year after year instead of trying to upgrade the position was a fireable offense in itself and therefore, I have no qualms about moving on from him too.

After seeing Mitch Trubisky perform in Brian Daboll’s offense this preseason makes you wonder if Trubisky is as bad as everyone (not me) thinks he is. I am not ready to fault Pace for the Trubisky pick, especially after watching Justin Fields look awful versus the Browns this week. Matt Nagy’s offense seems to be the bigger issue — more on that to come later.

Not many saw Patrick Mahomes coming and Deshaun Watson has proved his worth now too with all the off-the-field issues going on — will he go to prison and never play again? Needless to say, Trubisky could look to be the second-best quarterback out of the 2017 NFL Draft by default should Watson’s legal issues catch up to him.

The roster construction that has taken place outside of the offensive line has been very solid though. This team is obviously not a Super Bowl contender, but it’s closer to being one than it is to becoming the next Detroit Lions. Unfortunately for Ryan Pace, abandoning the offensive tackle spots until this offseason is the main reason why this team is not as good as it could be. It’s also this reason why Pace should be gone in 2022.