5 Best NFL prop bets for Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns

Chicago Bears (Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Cincinnati Bengals
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3. Justin Fields under 30.5 pass attempts -115

This one goes a bit in hand with the first prop bet that we gave out. If Justin Fields is going to scramble on about 20% of his pass attempts, he is going to need 40 attempts to clear this mark. When you add in sacks, you realize that it is unlikely that the Chicago Bears call a pass on 42-45 of their roughly 60 plays.

When you consider Fields may have 10 rushes himself, and Montgomery will have 15-20, you think that 30 is closer to the max pass attempts than the minimum.

Chicago is going to skew run-heavy to protect their quarterback. Beyond that, Cleveland and Chicago both are two of the slower teams. The Browns playing slow, Fields turning pass plays into rushes, and the Bears likely only calling 35 passes as it has you thinking that this is a bet worth making.