Chicago Bears: 3 Losers from Week 3 versus the Browns

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy
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Chicago Bears Week 3 Loser No. 2: Matt Nagy

The Chicago Bears are never going to win under Matt Nagy. There was one good season where everything went right and the team looked like a potential contender, but after that, the team has been bad. Making the playoffs last year was nothing but luck and a result of beating some bad teams. The blame starts with Matt Nagy, and he showed why with how he coached during the loss in Cleveland.

It comes to a point where it is hard to understand how he still has a job considering the offense has been basically dysfunctional for three years now. The “offensive genius” we thought he was is no more than an egotistic energy guy who has overstayed his welcome.

I was once a huge fan of Nagy and saw a lot of potential in him coming from the Andy Reid system, but after three years it is safe to say that has passed. The poor play-calling and visible lack of strong coaching are enough to drive a fan up a wall. Every team we play looks like they are so much more disciplined and prepared than the Bears, and a lot of that is because of Nagy.

There is not much reason to keep him around because obviously, you cannot have a much worse game than the one the Bears just played against the Browns. When there is a consistent issue that seems to never get fixed something has to snap one day. I do not want to see Justin Fields’ talent get wasted because someone does not know how to design an offense or recognize when to delegate duties to better the team.

Matt Nagy looks worse now than he has ever looked, and his coaching performance against the Browns should be the last straw. Matt Nagy is the biggest “loser” from this week and his job should be in question throughout this coming week.