Chicago Bears: 3 Losers from Week 3 versus the Browns

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Chicago Bears Week 3 Loser No. 3: Allen Robinson

No, I am not saying Allen Robinson was bad in this game, but he needs to be better. He has been as steady as they come for the last three years now, but his slow start to this season is a bit concerning.

There was a significant drop last week and he seemed to create no separation this week. Granted, the offense was completely out of sorts against the Browns, but you would like to see your number one wideout stand out a bit more.

With Justin Fields at quarterback, the offensive playmakers need to be on top of their game to help out the young rookie. There was not a lot of time for Justin Fields to even find Allen Robinson, but part of it seemed to be the cornerbacks were glued to the hips of the receivers. Robinson, being the best and most established route runner means he needs to work harder to get open to help out the offense altogether.

It would also be nice to see Robinson giving more effort in the hustle game. Run blocking and downfield blocking for a runner is something he seems to struggle with, and most of that comes from lack of effort. If he can set an extra block or two downfield that could mean the difference between getting a first down or not.

There was a noticeably missed block by Robinson today on a third and short running play that resulted in a Chicago Bears punt because he did not do his job. Part of being that main guy means contributing to the details.

The Bears overhauled the receiving corps in the offseason, and while the additions brought a lot of speed and versatility to the table, they do not seem to be contributing much. Damiere Byrd has been a non-factor and Marquise Goodwin has been only okay. The speed that was added does not really matter at this point because there is no chance for a deep pass with Nagy’s play-calling combined with how bad the offensive line is.

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The whole receiving core needs to be better, but Allen Robinson needs to step up a bit and work harder as the number one guy. I know he is skilled and he has shown how good he can be, so doing that on a consistent basis with Justin Fields will help a lot going forward and maybe get him the contract he is looking for.