Chicago Bears: 4 Replacement head coaches for Matt Nagy in 2022

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It is time to look ahead to the future. I understand, the Chicago Bears are 1-2 on the year with plenty of football left to play, but what exactly is the point? Have I already given up on these players and this team? No, not really. That said, I have given up completely on Matt Nagy.

I am 37 years old and have suffered through a great deal of poorly assembled Chicago Bears teams. On paper, this team should be better than what they have showcased on the field. Unfortunately, they have one giant anchor tying this team down — offensive play-calling.

Matt Nagy is being blasted by the media for his poor coaching performances

I am humbled to see the public apologies that Mitch Trubisky has seen this week. As a Trubisky Stan, I have always been at the forefront in regards to Matt Nagy’s inabilities to make the proper play calls or change up his game plan during a game. I saw his lack of creativity when it came to using his players’ strengths as opposed to trying to fit players within his own scheme — a scheme that is proven not to work with five different quarterbacks. At some point, he needs to look within.

When it comes to Matt Nagy, I have always been on record that I believe he could make a good head coach. The key though is that Nagy does not deal with play-calling and only helps with game planning. Nagy is a leader who is able to get the most out of his players no matter what side of the ball they are on.

That is an invaluable skillset and I believe one needed to be a good head coach. If he were to take an umbrella approach to the team and let his assistants handle the details, this team would likely be more disciplined. Alright, Mike Furrey and his extremism might not be the best example, but Bill Lazor, John DeFilippo, Sean Desai Juan Castillo and Mike Pettine have proven themselves over and over again throughout their careers. We say take the handcuffs off the quarterback, but Matt Nagy must also take the handcuffs off his offensive assistant coaches.