Chicago Bears: 4 Replacement head coaches for Matt Nagy in 2022

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Chicago Bears Coaching Candidate: Brian Daboll, OC – Buffalo Bills

Although these are not in any order of who I believe should be the top candidate versus who I would least likely want to see given a chance, Brian Daboll is easily my top choice from this list. Daboll has been making things happen while manning the offensive coordinator spot for the Buffalo Bills.

Do you remember just how bad Josh Allen was when he came into the league in 2018? He completed just over 52% of his passes, threw for only 172 yards per game and had more interceptions (12) than he had touchdowns (10).

While working with Brian Daboll, who was the offensive coordinator that year, Josh Allen has seen his first-year woes go away and now he is considered an MVP candidate each year. Although it was only preseason, we even saw how Mitch Trubisky could have been used in an offense that is not stuck in its own way. Daboll has done a great job proving he can make an offensive scheme work — something Matt Nagy has yet to do in his three-plus years as head coach in Chicago.

Pairing Daboll up with Justin Fields looks to be a recipe for success in my opinion.