Chicago Bears: 4 Replacement head coaches for Matt Nagy in 2022

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Chicago Bears Coaching Candidate: Joe Brady, OC – Carolina Panthers

How about bringing in another, young offensive-minded coach? Things did not work out well with Matt Nagy, but that should not prevent George McCaskey from allowing another younger coach to come in this time around. I would assume in this scenario that Ryan Pace is also out of a job and therefore it would come down to the new general manager (more on that hopefully later this week) and the front office.

While we are talking about the front office, please, please bring in someone to take over Football Operations, please. Ted Phillips is not the right guy for this job. The Chicago Bears need to make some serious in-house changes and moving to a President of Football Operations is the right move. Hell, I’d even be happy if they gave Peyton Manning a crack at it.

Alright, back to Joe Brady. Brady was a candidate for head coaching gigs last year, however, things did not work out. Instead, he finds himself working as the offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers while simultaneously saving Sam Darnold’s career. He is off to a great start as Darnold has looked the part of a legitimate quarterback through three games and the Panthers are 3-0 on the season.

Brady has found a way to transform and improve passing games at every level. He did the same at LSU and could do the same for the Chicago Bears in 2022. Don’t let him sign elsewhere unless you get Brian Daboll. Brady is probably the 1B on my list while Daboll is my 1A.