5 contracts that are devastating Chicago Bears roster

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears offense has been a disaster. It is easy to blame Matt Nagy, and he gets his fair share, but this week too much blame has been on Nagy and not enough on Ryan Pace. Sunday was a low point for Nagy, but at the same time, the game was an encapsulation of just how hindered the roster is by Ryan Pace.

The title is five players, but we actually have six listed, and you will see why. These six players take up $29.08M of cap space for the Chicago Bears in 2021. That is 15.4% of the Chicago Bears cap. Check out what the Bears are getting out of that much cap space.

5. Nick Foles- Cap Hit $6.66M

This one is obvious and has been ripped to shreds since the day he signed. The sad reality is that Andy Dalton signed for less with Dallas last year, and the team could have just avoided Nick Foles altogether if they waited for Dalton to get released rather than trade for Foles.

They could have had Dalton in 2020, then paid for Dalton in 2021. The issue is that they paid Dalton more, and had Foles on their books already. Nobody was taking Foles’ contract off the Bears’ hands to give them cap space, and now here we are. The Bears flushed 3.5% of their cap space down the drain with Nick Foles.