Film Review: This Chicago Bears player showed up and showed out at Cleveland

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

There are very few positives to take away from the Chicago bears blow-out loss against the Cleveland Browns. However, there were still some positives and none bigger than Roquan Smith. Smith only had nine tackles on what seemed like a normal game for him. The tape said that he was playing with his hair on fire and that this game will be forgotten, but should be appreciated.

Let’s check it out.

First off, we have him in the slot defending Odell Beckham. Sean Desai helped work around this, but early in the first quarter Smith saw him one-on-one, and Smith impressively handled his own.

He was patient and waited for Beckham to break, then did a great job to catch up and knock the ball away. Considering the mismatch of a linebacker against the team’s top wideout, this is a great effort by Smith.

Moving onto the next ply you can Smith towards the top hash mark around the 38-yard line. The overhead view is best here because you can really see Smith work. Nick Chubb runs to the right but cuts back and tries to get upfield, and Smith is having none of that.

Smith sprints hard to the sideline, but is clearly reading the play, he slams on the breaks, cuts back, and fills the hole just in time to bring Chubb to the ground. This is one heck of a play that is featuring great awareness, and change of direction skills.

We see more below. This time, Chubb does try to get outside, but Smith is not worried. Watch Smith turn his shoulders to be even with the line of scrimmage and then shuffle with Chubb as he gets outside. He is in a position to cut up anytime and cut back anytime.

Because Chubb continues to stretch to the outside, Smith continues with him. Then, when Smith knows Chubb has nowhere to go, he explodes downhill to finish the tackle. This is great work.

This time Smith does not need the sideline to tell him to attack. He is on the left hash mark and reading Chubb who runs right. Watch 75, the left guard try to reach out and get his hands on Smith.

Roquan Smith reads the play, beats 75 to the hole, and drills Nick Chubb just short of the line of scrimmage. His read and reaction were excellent today, especially considering the different times in which Chubb would make his cuts.

Lastly, we see one more play of Roquan Smith chasing Nick Chubb down to the sideline. The overhead view is better once again.

This play you can see Smith accelerate and fill the hole. He beats the lineman outside and forces Nick Chubb to cut his run to the inside. Smith does not even get credited with a tackle here, but Chubb is running up the sideline if it is not for the speed of Smith.

Roquan Smith was elite for the Chicago Bears in the run game. He watched Odell Beckham when needed, and of course, was the play-caller and leader of the defense while all of this was going on.

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Last season was the year in which Smith was put on the stage and had his breakout. Now that he is broken out, this is just expected from Smith, who had a stellar day. The Bears have plenty of problems, but every once in a while we need to smell the roses. Roquan Smith has been a joy to watch for the Chicago Bears.