3 plays where Justin Fields made rookie mistakes in Chicago Bears debut

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Play 2, First, and 10 from Chicago Bears 25

Once again we see Justin Fields latching onto his first read. Cole Kmet is at the top of the screen, and David Montgomery is to the right of Justin Fields. Kmet runs a short curl, and Montgomery runs a flare to the flat. You can see two defenders are covering Kmet while neither is going to Montgomery. Still, Fields forces the ball to Kmet. Look at the room that Montgomery has to run.

Now, we can see where he is looking from the end zone view. He peaks to the left then fires in a shot at Kmet. He never looks before he throws, it looked predetermined how he looked and threw without identifying what was going on around him.

Watch his reaction at the very end of this play. He points at Montgomery wide open. This is actually a pretty good sign that he did not need to get to the sideline to notice this. He expected 28 to run to the sideline, he made that decision in his mind pre-snap. When 28 did not run and stayed with Kmet, he was stunned, but the second he saw 28 he knew that meant Montgomery must be open. Alas, he was. It was a great read by 28, but Fields but needs to see him before throwing and then hit the open back for a first down run and more.