Chicago Bears: 3 Winners from Week 4 vs. Lions

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Darnell Mooney
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Week 4 Winner No. 2: Darnell Mooney

Darnell Mooney had a career game against the Lions and he showed how much of a threat he is in the vertical passing game. Mooney and Justin Fields seemed to have the best chemistry of anyone on the offense as they hooked up for a few huge plays, something the offense had been missing since the start of the year.

With how the offense was drawn up, the Bears were able to take the deep shots they need to in order to put pressure on a defense. Darnell Mooney is such a good route runner that he can turn a covered route into a big gain which helps a quarterback out. On the double move in the first half the coverage was in the right spot but Mooney’s awareness and route running created space and showed Justin Fields an open spot to lead the ball to.

With a rookie quarterback throwing the ball the best thing is for the wideouts to give full effort on every play and be aware enough to create space and identify weak points in the defense. Running a route slightly different might look off, but it might be better for Justin Fields’ development.

Allen Robinson had a better game yesterday, but the Bears are just not throwing the ball enough for him to put up the numbers we are used to. Robinson and Mooney will have to complement each other to help whoever is at quarterback, and it might be a weekly thing to have one receiver go off and the other guy take a back seat.

Mooney showed why he is so loved by Bears fans and how useful of a tool he is to the Bears offense. His speed and ability allow him to haul in some tough catches and he is becoming a favorite target for Fields already.