Injuries loom after Chicago Bears win

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears got a much-needed win that got them to 2-2. However, when reality sets in a win over the Detroit Lions is an expectation, so the 10-point win is not a statement, and far beyond that, the team left the game with a couple of key injuries.

First Akiem Hicks left early in the game with a groin injury. It was hard to tell the exact play in which Hicks tweaked himself, but he was questionable to return early before being deemed out before the second half.

Matt Nagy did not have an update on Hicks, and he typically is quiet on those manners, especially after the game when things are unsure. Still, this is a huge one for two reasons.

The Bears are a much different defense with and without him, and that sadly has been proven because Hicks is starting to grow a long list of injuries. At his age and injury status, this should not be shocking, unfortunately. Hicks is great when healthy, but you have to expect a couple of missed games every year from him now.

Beyond Hicks was an injury to David Montgomery which many saw live. Gus Johnson said they would not show a replay because of the nature of the injury which set off a panic, but Ian Rapoport seems to have sources telling him that it may not be that bad.

A major injury is a season-ender, though. That does not mean that Montgomery is in the clear for next weekend. It is rather expected that he misses at least one game, and that would still be on the optimistic side. Still, 2-4 weeks is much better than a season-ender, and that may be the realistic expectation as Chicago Bears wait to hear more.

This could mean Damien Williams and Khalil Herbert will be asked to step up.

We will keep you updated so check back.