Matt Nagy reveals play caller after Chicago Bears win

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There has been speculation all week about whether or not Matt Nagy would keep his play-calling duties with the Chicago Bears. It appeared as though the team respects him as a head coach, but he gets overwhelmed with being a coach and calling plays, and the team was much better with Bill Lazor calling plays in 2020.

Nagy would not admit who was calling plays before the game, just like he said he would not admit Justin Fields was starting. While the PR team announced that Fields would start the night before, there was no formal announcement on the play-caller.

Nagy was asked post-game about whether or not he called pays, and danced around the question at first, but then confirmed that it was Bill Lazor.

Just like you would assume that Matt Nagy would keep Justin Fields as his starter now that the seal has been broken, you could also assume that Nagy would keep Lazor calling plays. However, it seems as though many fans are still worried about Dalton and Nagy as play-caller coming back this season.

While Fields had a good game, he threw fewer than 20 passes, which is going to give Nagy an excuse that he is still not quite ready to handle a full workload as a quarterback.

Still, while there is a small chance that he goes back to Dalton, there is almost no way he can take back play-calling now that he gave it up.  He saw the success and that the team was able to flow easier. He also did not make any game management mistakes.

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It seems like a rather easy call, but something tells me that we will be wondering this Thursday who will be calling plays on Sunday. Nagy wants to continue to keep people guessing about not only his starting quarterback but who will be calling plays.