Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 4

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Chicago Bears, Matt Nagy, Justin Fields
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Even with a win this week against the Detroit Lions and a 1-0 record in the NFC North, the Chicago Bears didn’t play perfectly. In fact, there were three areas in which the Bears were disappointing.

The Detroit Lions are far from the best NFL team in 2021, but they’re also not the worst team in the NFL.

Dan Campbell has done a good job of turning a less-than-ideal roster and being competitive in games that most people would count them out of.

Even in Week 4, the Lions weren’t down and out until the clock hit 00:00.

Which Chicago Bears were disappointing in Week 4?

With all that said, however, it’s time to look in the mirror and see which Bears disappointed this week.

While not much could’ve been worse than Week 3, there were some things to be happy about.

And for those that believe in the Yin and Yang of life, that means there were some things to be unhappy about as well.

Let’s take a look at what those were, starting with the No. 1 most disappointing Chicago Bear of Week 4 against the Detroit Lions.