Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 4

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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 1: Late-Game Defense

Going into the second half, the Chicago Bears were holding a 14-0 lead, and while they were under the “bend but don’t break” ideology, it was working enough to keep the Lions scoreless in the first half.

However, the Bears weren’t going to let fans get comfortable.

Uncharacteristically of the Chicago Bears, they had 10 third-quarter points, so thankfully the 14-point second half for the Lions wasn’t enough to get their first win of the season.

Once the Bears start to play the heat of their schedule, these second-half crumbles aren’t going to keep Chicago winning.

The first of Kalif Raymond’s two touchdowns was a routine five-yard TD throw, so that one doesn’t get the “disappointing” tagline, however, the second one does.

You can tell an assignment was blown, as Kalif Raymond had an easy entrance into the end zone. All it takes is for one of these to happen in a big game that’s closer on the scoreboard, and the Chicago Bears are out of it.

There has to be better accountability towards the end of games for the Bears.

In the second half of games this season, they’re being outscored 68-33.

And while usually, that’s a knock at the offense, not scoring points, the story is switched to be more focused on the defense now.

There simply can’t be these end-of-game collapses if the Chicago Bears want to go somewhere this season.

Now, with the second-half defense being No. 1, who or what is No. 2?