Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 4

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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 2: Lack of Discipline

In a game against a divisional opponent, it’s likely that players will be playing harder than they would if it’s some out-of-conference opponent. However, when that’s the case, it’s the coach’s job to make sure their players are disciplined in not making ignorant mistakes.

This week, the Bears were a little too comfortable with leaving their dirty laundry on the field.

Outside the eight-penalty game against Cincinnati, this was the Chicago Bears’ worst game penalty-wise.

They had seven penalties that accumulated for 61 yards, which is just too many for a team that wants to win football games.

Offensively, however, the Chicago Bears played a rather clean game. With only one penalty for three yards, you could chalk that up as a win for the offensive unit.

That being said, defensively, the Chicago Bears were not disciplined. Now, whether it was the refs making bad calls or the Bears committing on-field fouls, the play needs to be cleaned up.

Defensively, the Chicago Bears had five penalties for a total of 43 yards. Now, 43 yards is far from a game-changing amount of yards, but my guess is it can help teams build unwarranted momentum.

Defensively, the Chicago Bears have another thing they must clean up going forward.

Now, there are two disappointments stated for Week 4, but what’s the third and final? If you’ve been around Weeks 1-3, you might know where this one’s headed.