Chicago Bears: These were the biggest disappointments from Week 4

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Chicago Bears Disappointment No. 3: Matt Nagy– specifically his ego

Well, well, well… Matt Nagy finds himself on the most disappointing Chicago Bears list once again.

This time, he at least didn’t actively try to murder his quarterback, and he actually somewhat did what Chicago Bears fans howled for him to do.

He gave up play-calling! Well, sort of.

In Matt  Nagy’s post-game press conference, it was almost like Nagy has a “Me” quota he had to hit in his 15-minute presser.

While he finally admitted that Bill Lazor was the play-caller in Week 4, Nagy made sure the spotlight was still on him as the head coach.

And while his ego might be the size of Chicago– maybe even bigger– it didn’t come in between the Chicago Bears getting an all-access pass to Club Dub.

At least this week.

I don’t want to discredit the Detroit Lions because they are a tough team. They might not be the NFL’s most talented, but they’re surely not going to give the win away.

And with that, it makes me incredibly nervous that Matt Nagy needs people to praise him when things go well; but when they don’t, it’s someone else’s fault.

In his post-game press conference, it was almost like he was mad that Bill Lazor succeeded at play-calling more than he did. Hey Matt, get over it! Some people are better at their job than you; and if it keeps you employed longer, TAKE IT!

It’s so frustrating to see someone crave positive reinforcement so much that they’ll say they’re the head of the train car, when in fact, they’re just the co-pilot that changes songs before they’re over.

No one likes “that guy,” and that surely is the case with Matt Nagy and the Chicago Bears.

Unless your ego is bigger than the United States, why else would you need to make it a point of emphasis to say that Bill Lazor called plays– and plays that worked– but they all had to go through you? It really doesn’t make sense.

So, until Nagy’s ego loses the Chicago Bears a game, I’ll bite my tongue and accept the fact that I just really don’t like him as a head coach of the Chicago Bears.