5 noticeable changes to Chicago Bears with Bill Lazor calling plays

Chicago Bears - Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /
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More 12 personnel

It had been stunning how little the Chicago Bears utilized two tight ends through three weeks. They appeared to be tossing Jimmy Graham and his salary down the drain, and what is so crazy is that the team needed the extra blocker.

Once again, perhaps Nagy was too in his call sheet to adjust his personnel because we saw the team with a variety of looks on Sunday. They went from 18% 12 personnel to 23% just from one week in which they played two tight ends 37% of the time. That puts them in the top five of two-tight end usage, which is where we expected them to be all season.

The move paid off too. On Sunday, the Bears have a 57% success rate with two tight ends, which is excellent. They were at 48% from 11 personnel. Beyond that, this pushed their season average up 48% success from 12 and 43% from 11. They are better with two tight ends on the field, and it seems even Matt Nagy agreed before the season. It took three weeks, and we finally saw it.