5 noticeable changes to Chicago Bears with Bill Lazor calling plays

Chicago Bears - Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /
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David Montgomery (Chicago Bears)
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Chicago Bears are skewing to the run

How many times have you screamed at your TV to run the ball and that Matt Nagy once again abandoned the run? Sunday was their most run-heavy game plan of the season. They ran 75% of the time, which is much higher than their season average. Against Cincinnati, they ran 64%, which was by far the highest rate.

It is easy to say that the run is so prominent because the team was winning. However, they skewed run-heavy in the first half as well. They ran the ball 69% of their first-half snaps, their highest run rate since week 1. Of course, they abandoned the run in the second half against the Rams, but stick with it against Detroit.

Still, they ran just 38% in the first half against Cincy and then went even more run-heavy in the second half. In this game, they came out with a plan to establish the run and kept it throughout. Once again, perhaps Nagy is too focused on the next call to focus on the rhythm and mix of adding in the run. Now he can.