Chicago Bears: 3 scenarios on how to handle the NFL trade deadline

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The Chicago Bears should buy assets if they win the next two games

Out of the Chicago Bears’ next two opponents, it’s more likely that the Bears beat the Raiders than they do the Green Bay Packers, but only winning one game is not enough to start making blockbuster trades. However, if they can find a way to beat their oldest rival, then the front office should start calling around and seeing who is available.

Clearly, the Chicago Bears have some major holes right now. The offensive line as a whole is massively struggling. Part of the problem is obviously scheme. We saw how changing up the play-caller from Matt Nagy to Bill Lazor easily affects things. The third cornerback spot is also a bit of a problem. Duke Shelley has been inconsistent and the team could use a bit of an upgrade. As you can see, there are holes.

Well, if the Bears find a way to win both of these next two games, Ryan Pace and the front office should look to bring in some help. Pace should pick up the phone and call teams like the Colts, Steelers, Jaguars, Eagles, Giants, 49ers, Falcons, etc. that are all currently struggling. If these teams continue to lose over the next two weeks, it’s possible they may be in a position to sell off their own assets.

The Chicago Bears could look to bring in players who are either rental players for the year (someone who is in the last year of their contract — Joe Haden), or maybe they trade some of their own players to bring in assets who could have a legitimate future here in Chicago (. Ryan Pace should be strategically aggressive. He cannot sell the farm, but he has disposable players to swap along with some future draft picks (just not first or second-rounders unless we are talking a young stud).